Now or never!

It’s easy to postpone our work for tomorrow, even comfortable! After all, it is only a day, few more hours to slack!

Unfortunately, our world doesn’t work that way. More often than not, once we begin postponing our work, we never stop! It becomes a habit. We get subsumed by it forever.

Ultimately, one day becomes two, two days become a week, one week becomes a month and after a month, we don’t care enough to do it at all!

Here’s the catch, we are all rigged in such a way that we believe ourselves when we say that we will do something “tomorrow”. And the sad part is, we know it’s never going to happen! Yet we do it.

In life, there are a million benefits of getting our work done on time, especially if you are student –

  1. No last minute stress.
  2. Time to revise it before the deadline.
  3. Time to make changes and make it better.
  4. We become trustworthy.
  5. We become reliable.
  6. We earn the title of being ‘disciplined’.
  7. We get enough time to clear our mind and stay calm.

I could keep going on and on and on, but again, the fact is that we all already know these facts! And yet, we still tend to postpone things in life.

Here’s why.

  1. We want a break.
  2. We believe that we have time.
  3. We don’t have the mood to work!
  4. We are preoccupied with other unnecessary stuff!
  5. We’re tired (be it physical or tired of doing work)!

And again, I could go on and on, but of course, we already know that don’t we?

So it’s actually pretty simple. We know why we are postponing our work, we know why we should actually do it on time! And yet, we don’t!

There is, in fact, no point of writing pages together about why we should do work on time. All that can be done is for ‘YOU’ to ‘MAKE THE DECISION’.

Instead what you can do when you feel like postponing something is –

  1. Breakdown your work into sections and get at least part of it done right now.
  2. Tell someone that you are going to it later what you are suppose to do now and ask them to remind you about it. This way you are accountable to yourself.
  3. Keep notes of your daily tasks there are plenty of free Post-Its available to download or you can buy colourful ones from your nearest stationery.

Decide now! Do your work on time! Be happy (feeling a little bit clichéd, but ah well)!

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