7 reasons why you should never be late!

For years, we’ve always been listening to our elders tell us that we shouldn’t be tardy. We’ve always been told that we should always be on time, do our work on time, and the importance of time time time.

Time has been something that we’ve been told about and taught about all our lives.

But why?

This has always been a question in all of our minds. We’ve all been late in our lives and some, despite of that, have still managed pretty well. So what’s the point of being early?

Well, here’s the truth. They were right!

We might never have lost out on anything by being late, but the truth is that we have lost out on lot by not being early!

Here’s what you’ve missed out on because you were not early.

If you are the kind of person who is always on time;

  1. You would be seen as a dependable person.
    Being on time makes other people have the impression that they can depend on you to get the work done on time and hence given you more responsibility.
  2. You would be seen as someone that has respect for others.
    Irrespective of what you have in your heart, being late can give a bad impression on you. Being on time on the other hand will show that you have respect for the people around you, that you are not the kind of person who takes everything easy irrespective of the seriousness involved.
  3. You are always seen as your best.
    When you are on time in every single situation, people will automatically understand that you are the kind of person who always makes sure that what needs to be done is done. Basically, being early makes people understand that you are someone who always does your best.
  4. You are understood as a modest person
    Humility is something that people have to see in you by themselves to recognize as a trait in you. Being on time automatically gives people the impression that you are a very modest person!
  5. Your integrity strengthens.
    Every time you’re late, you are falling short of your word. Even if this is by a small margin, you are essentially losing out on your integrity. Being early on the other hand, does the exact opposite and builds up your integrity.
  6. Your self-confidence increases.
    Whenever you’re on time, you automatically realize that you can depend on yourself. Every promise you make and decision you take, you know that you will see it through and automatically, you’re self-confidence increases.
  7. Your discipline strengthens.

When you’re early, it means that you can organize your time, you can take care of every little detail in your life and you come out as a person who can get things done. The more you do this, the better your discipline is.

At the end of the day, being early might not be a necessity, but being on time is! In life, we need to learn to do exactly this! So there it is, now, you know 7 reasons for never being late!bhb

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