Preparing for Bank Exams!

Gone are the days when people felt that private jobs are better than government jobs. Today’s generation has finally understood the benefits of working for a government organisation and each year, we have more and more takers for these positions. The shine of Government jobs is back.

Of all the government services today, the bank sector has the most exciting prospect. Maximum number of people who want to work for the government often prefer a bank job. This entitles them to take up the bank exams. These however, see a good number of people that don’t score as well as they would like to. But this situation can be easily avoided and your dreams for a bank job can be realized if you just follow a few simple steps that Fresherslive have put together!

  1. Give due concentration to the QADI section.
    This section mainly concentrates on basic mathematics and calculation that we learnt in school. More often than not, people tend to take this section lightly simply because they believe that they are already professed in it. Sometimes, the questions might confuse and surprise you, so get prepared for anything.
  2. Leave the ‘Logical Reasoning’ section for the last few days.
    Logical Reasoning is exactly how you analyse a situation. This is not something that can be learnt but rather, simply something that can be practiced. So instead of spending too much time right from the first on this section, leave this for the last 2 weeks when you can practice it.
  3. Practice the ‘English language’ section thoroughly.
    Seeing as English is not our first language, we often make mistakes without realizing that there is a mistake at all. For this reason, practice thoroughly for the English Language Section.
  4. Work on your GK continuously
    GK is again not something that one can learn in a matter of days. Rather, you need to keep yourself updated with current affairs and work on your GK continuously right from the very first day to the last! Make reading newspaper everyday a habit for life.
  5. Start early for the Computer Awareness section.
    Agreeing that today’s generation is well versed with respect to computers, but what you know does not include all the facets. For this reason, rather than taking it lightly, start working on this section early on.
  6. Take Mock tests.
    Only taking up numerous mock tests will make you get used to the idea of the exam and give you the opportunity to prepare for the different sections accordingly.
  7. Be confident during the interview.
    Irrespective of how talented and informed you are, it will seem as though you do not have enough knowledge if you don’t appear confident in your interview. So irrespective of the situation, always stay confident and true to yourself.
  8. Revise all the sections!
    Never resign yourself to the fact that you’re good in a specific section. Irrespective of how good you are at what, revise everything! Again and Again.
  9. Check out the IBPS official website for any updates and changes.
    There is always a chance that there might be a change in syllabus or exam timings or such when it comes to Bank Exams. To avoid being surprised, keep checking on the IBPS official website!
  10. Do not answer if you’re not sure, you could lose out majorly due to negative marking!
    A common belief is that irrespective of whether you know an answer or not, you must attempt all the question. DO NOT do this. In the Bank exams you are subjected to negative marking for every wrong answer. So, avoid answering questions that you don’t know the answer to.

It might be true that the whole concept of the IBPS exams is scary. But in fact it is not. All you need to do is concentrate and do an all-around preparation. Remain confident to the end and you’ll succeed!

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