Government jobs are akin to service to the nation

In a year of 365 days, there truly is no other day when the whole country comes together like on he 15th of August. No problems, no differences, no prejudices, no complexities, no discrepancies. A day for unity.

This 70th Independence Day, India turns over a new leaf into a better and brighter future.

As the country shifts towards a future with more and more youngsters willing to step into the government sector, the country really is going through a revolution.

The signs of it is clearly evident.

Today, no more do people think that private jobs are better. Rather, the benefits of government jobs have finally come to light.

Youngsters these days are looking to have a comfortable life. They want to be in a position where they get time to spend with their family, they don’t have too much work pressure and they get benefits out of the job. Government jobs, these days, fit the bill perfectly.

An evident proof of this is the rise in the number of people who are taking up the civil service examination in recent times. Compared to before, today, the number has almost doubled.

The fact remains that on the 70th Independence Day of India, Indians have finally started to realize the importance of working in the government sector, that it’s more like a public service contributing to the function and development of the nation and the benefits of the same.

One of the main reasons for this shift is the job security and the sense of fulfilment that we get. Irrespective of whether the economy is on the rise or going through a recession, you don’t lose your job. Your positions essentially remains intact.

Moreover, in today’s world, people are looking to take more time off to spend with their family or going on a vacation or such. Fixed working hours in government jobs make it ideal for today’s ‘earn and spend’ generation.

With work stress minimised to a great extent, youngsters get a chance to relax and do their work without ending up confined to just their job.

All the while that you get all of these advantages, ultimately you also get more benefits and perks. You have anything and everything from retirement benefits, medical, housing, childcare, quotas and so much more.

In today’s world, one of the things that youngsters are looking for is the chance to take days off from work without worrying about ‘Loss of Pay’. With all of the extra holidays that the government sector is offering, and the benefit of a 5-day week and the confirmed number of paid holidays, there really couldn’t be a better option than government jobs.

Irrespective of these reasons as to why people prefer government jobs, what is more important is the sense of patriotism that had risen in the generation of today. More and more youngsters are now willing to go out of the way for their country and this patriotism by itself is also leading them all towards the more beneficial government sector.

This 70th Independence Day, all youngsters come together to create an even brighter future for the country, making the slogan ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ true.

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