Learning after securing a job

In today’s world, we’re all stuck in a rat race to success. We are ever eager to finish our studies, take up our exams, find a job and then breathe a sigh of relief.

This is a common idea or a mindset rather that exists in us. For the first 25 years of our lives, we’re all hell-bent on this one thing. To get our professional life started. In school, all we thought about was getting good grades and achieving a good rank in order to get accepted into one of the top universities. Once that is done, we then move to learning and getting good grades in college so that we can get the job we want and where we want it.

But, once we do get that job, we tend to slack off. We stop caring about the learning part that should continue to happen and rather get into a mundane cycle of life. Our thirst for knowledge disappears and we live from pay check to pay check.

We have come to believe that, once we have reached that stage in life where we have secured for ourselves a good job, we already know everything that we need to know. We stop seeking for knowledge and believe that we have already mastered our art.

This is so wrong.

Here’s the catch. In a world, especially in times like now, where technology keeps improving, changing, transforming, life and lifestyle keeps changing too. We can never ever truly say that we have learnt all there’s to learn about anything. In the time that it took for us to convince ourselves of that, someone somewhere has already invented something more.

Getting through ever-changing nature of the world, learning must not stop once you are out of the academic structure. It doesn’t matter how old or how accomplished one is and one gets. There will always be something that we have yet to learn.

Life is a teacher

Bruce Lee

The common belief that exists where people believe that the learning process ends when a job is secured should be changed.

In all honesty, only after we have secured a job do we finally step out into the real world. A lot of new scenarios and situations crop up. A world of new things is revealed to us.

This is one lesson we all need to learn. So never stop learning.

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