Choosing who you work for matters!

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day’. But the reality of the professional world doesn’t stop there. It is not just enough if you choose a job you love, you also need to be careful when choosing the people you work for. Whether  it is your clients we’re talking about or even your colleagues,  or your boss, they all play a huge role in how peaceful your work life is going to be.

Let us first consider your colleagues. Irrespective of the field you choose or the kind of job you do, one major part of work life is the office environment. All else barred, your colleagues play a huge role in exactly how this work environment pans out. If they so wished, these people can very easily make your life a living hell. Even if yours is not exactly the 9-5 kind of job, you’re definitely going to have to spend some part of your day in the office, surrounded by your colleagues, having the need to interact with them, maybe, in some cases, socialize with them. In such a situation, if you don’t get along with your colleagues, it can be very hard to work in peace. And when there is no peace at work, progress in your career can become hard.

Work is never just that. If you simply went to your office, did your work and came back home, it would do you no good. Enjoying office gossips, having fun while you work and being able to have an honest conversation with your colleagues can all play a huge part in how happy you are in that office. Only all of these together can ensure that you have the space and the opportunity to think and work well.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. While your colleagues are who you work with on a daily basis, your clients are also very important. Imagine a scenario where you have a client that doesn’t like you or vice versa. Automatically, the quality of your work is going to go down. Because you don’t find the motivation and encouragement to push a little harder. Even if that doesn’t happen, it is only natural that you assume that the work isn’t good enough. You start to take things for granted. Lethargy kicks in. It can truly be hell getting that one piece of work done well and to the client’s satisfaction. All said and done, if you do not have a good rapport with your clients it can be very difficult to truly understand what they want from you. When this understanding is not established, the work automatically doesn’t turn out the way it should. Remember, you choose who your clients are and not the other way around.

Apart from your colleagues and clients, the most important person at your work place is your boss. If he or she is bossy, too stingy, unable to articulate his or her vision of the company, has the knack of getting the work done from you, merely doing it for the money, these things can affect how you work. A company’s employees determines its success and the owner of the company – your boss, determines yours. Everyone wants to work for an understanding, caring, apathetic, visionary boss. Try to find one.

It is easy to not realize how big a factor the people you work with play. But ultimately, you can only ever have a comfortable and peaceful work life if you’re careful about not only choosing a job you love but also about choosing the right people to work with and for.

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