The 6 worst things you can do at a new job!

It is easy to let go and relax as soon as you have landed a job. After all, you did get through the herculean tasks of an interview and the screening and all that. But remember, it’s not the time to relax yet.

You’re going to a new place, doing a new job, working with new people, working under a new boss, working in a new environment and a lot of other new things. Through it all, it is very important for you to give a good impression so that you can have a proper professional life in the company. This, however, can be very difficult, after all, many of the small things you do can very easily reflect badly on you.

So here are the 6 worst things you can do in your new job.

  1. Accepting projects without asking questions.

Just because you’re new, you can’t be shy and take on projects that you might not be able to do after all. It is important to clarify all your doubts before taking on a project.

  1. Recommend changes right away.

Even if you were told that the company looks forward to new ideas, remember that you’re new which means that you don’t know why things are done a certain way. Besides, no one wants to change overnight.

  1. Try too hard to stand out.

It can be very easy to land in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Remember to respect the dress code, and don’t take on any big responsibilities till you get the hang of the job. Grow with your job.

  1. Give advice when not asked.

Don’t start teaching your seasoned colleagues how to do their job. Give advice only when you are asked for it. Even then be humble while doing it.

  1. Pull rank.

Sometimes, when you’re hired for a job where you have people working for you, remember that you’re new to the place and that this will only be understood as a sense of insecurity.

  1. Don’t show up late.
    Especially on your first day, it is very important to be there, even if you fall sick. It is your first and best chance to impress your new colleagues.

These might seem like very simple things that you will ‘obviously’ remember not to do, but remember that these are also small things that we’re often used to doing.

There are a lot of things that you can do to give a good impression, but sometime’s it is more important to not give a bad impression.

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