Didn’t get selected in On campus interviews? Worry not. Here’s what you can do!

It is completely natural to be frustrated in not getting selected for jobs, especially in your On campus interviews. Watching your friends secure a job, even though satisfying, it can bring your morale down. But let me just get you out of this bitterness by simply stating one fact many of you are unaware of- About 90% of companies around the globe ranging from start-ups to MNCs are looking out for freshers every academic year and have the inclination to recruit them above other applicants. This only tries to convey one thing. Do not brood over the lost one and be quick in moving on to the next. There’s nothing to worry about.

The first and immediate action to be taken is to search for jobs in companies who will be coming in for placements and start preparing for them. It is very essential that you brush up your technical skills and other knowledge before you attend the next interview. Learn from your previous mistakes. Think why you didn’t get through the interview. Find ad rectify them. Have brainstorming sessions with your friends who got placed and discover the areas that can be worked upon. Another important factor you might have been misled about is that it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. By that we mean, it’s not about having a cluster of talents that can fill your resume to the brim. It’s about broadcasting that one super talent that you possess in the most impressive way you can, which makes you stand out of the crowd.

You should also remember that failed interviews are learning experiences and not lose hope and give up simply owing to one rejection. Register yourself in the various job searching portals like Fresherslive and get updates on the vacancies and dates of walkins in different companies. Prepare yourself for basic interview questions and make sure you answer them in the most striking way possible. Relook through your resume and check for mistakes if any. Have a clearer knowledge of the company’s profile, turnover, branches and environment for better sense in your future interviews. Take up random topics and mould your Group Discussion skills.

At this point of time it is very crucial that you DO NOT compare yourself with any of your mates and lose the fire in you. This is just the beginning. Always remember that ‘When one door closes, many other opens.’

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