Regardless of the work environment, job description and the reputation of a company, one factor that stays given at all times is the way one dresses up for a job interview. The initial gradation of judgement one makes of another person is always based on their looks and more specifically the way they carry themselves in the attire that they are in. Irrespective of how many degrees you suffix behind your name, if you do not look dapper on the day of your interview, your qualification may not really sell itself. Deciding on this very influential factor might be confusing for freshers and sometimes even experienced people out there. Without further experimentation in the wardrobe and permitting looks to cost your job, let’s get into some basic outfit hacks for your next interview.

For men, a two-piece business suit coupled with a white shirt ironed and tucked in, is a given. Restricting suits to the colours black, grey and dark blue is advisable. Cleaned and polished dark coloured leather shoes with half-knee-length socks is an essential. It is important that you trim your finger nails and keep them clean, if not manicure them. More often than not, beards, tattoos and piercings do not give out a good apprehension about a person and are a strict ‘no’ when it comes to interviews. If you have them, at least make an effort to hide them. In the words of Gabrielle Teare, a famous Fashion Stylist Aim to be well groomed, elegant and professional, and you will have more confidence”.

How to dress for an interview?

Interview dress for women

For women, a formal skirt with shirt (or) Light coloured Salwar suit with Dupatta might just do the trick. A sari can be worn only if the person is extremely comfortable in it. Heel shoes or Wedges with a simple design will suffice. One principal notification for women is to keep their make-up simple and natural. Minimal accessories and not more than one ring in their fingers is appropriate for any kind of job. It is only desirable to carry your belongings in a briefcase or a leather handbag. Clutches and purses to be avoided. These style tips bring out the ideal woman in the eyes of the interviewer and will remain as a thumb rule for years to come.

After all this, let us also remember that, anybody can give a good impression. But it takes an immaculate look below the shoulder and a killer attitude above the shoulder for someone to give a GREAT impression.

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