Relax! This is the first thing you need to do to not make things more complicated. This is a very common problem faced by job seekers today. Almost everything you did might seem right and perfect and you may still not get the call you were expecting. But panicking and losing hope will not help at this point of time. Let me just clear you of a basic fact that – in today’s economy, for every 1 job there are about 10 applicants, which gives you a probability of being 1/10 to be picked. This selection can be based on any criteria as subjected by different companies. But to make your way up there to be one among the ten is completely in you hands. You might have gone through every step properly. But the real task lies in going through every step CORRECTLY. Here at Fresherslive, we bring to your notice some minute mistakes that you may have committed pre or post of a job application, which may probably be the reason you are not getting any job calls.

Check your resume, even a hundred times if necessary, for any errors. These errors maybe grammatical, factual, descriptive etc. Always follow an appropriate resume format that is suitable for you. The next step, is to check if you have followed the application method correctly. Different companies have different methods of approaching candidates and prefer to stick by those methods. Then comes the most important step, which goes unrealised on most occasions. Reconfirm whether you have addressed the mails/ letters to the right person. If they do not reach their proper destination, waiting for a call is out of question. Before checking on these mails, also make sure your CV is up to date and relevant to the job that you have applied for. If you were referred to the company by a particular person, try contacting them and get your queries answered. Most companies give out the job description over a phone call or in the application process itself. It is essential that you rightly fit into their “Required” column that is stated in the job description. Recheck if your qualifications are relevant and suitable for what they are looking out for.

Never miss a call

Always call back a missed call number.

Sometimes, you may have been unavailable when they might have tried to contact you. It is important that you check for any missed calls or mails from the company, in your spam etc., that may have gone unnoticed. At times, if their reply takes an unusually longer delay than expected, chances are that they have already appointed someone else. Look out for whether the position is still vacant and active. Finally after checking for all of the above, see if you can call the company and enquire about the issue with them directly.

Applying ‘Right for a Job’ is important. But applying for the ‘Right Job’ is even more important. All of us have a dream job that we yearn to work for at some point of our career. But what if the dream job was brought right in front of your eyes just for you to grab it with your arms? Fresherslive brings you an array of vacancies for jobs of different sectors right to you on a platter. Like Fresherslive’s Facebook page and we bring you latest job openings from top companies in India, that might just help you with your job search. From simple dos and don’ts to resolving complicated job issues, you get everything you need to know about jobs and careers all in one page. Watch out for the best with us!

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