Benefits in Central Government and State Government Jobs

As growth in population are increasing to large extent, likewise in recent years more and more people are keen over  govt jobs. The main reason behind is govt jobs secure one for the people who prefer them. Salary factor and many other benefits are most important one in govt jobs. Most of us think over to move into a good job with best income. Its stated by many that govt jobs said to be a good field. Govt  jobs are basically divided into two divisions such as:

Central Government Jobs: There are many Central government jobs departments such as central soil conservation department, Railways, income tax department, and many other departments such as executive and judiciary etc

State Government Jobs: State Government Jobs in India has financial institution, educational institution, banking, judiciary and many other departments such as Forest and Animal husbandry etc.

Central Government and State Government Jobs Benefits

Central government employees gets a lots of benefits in terms of loan facilities, gratuity, medical facilities, bonus and provident fund. State government employee is governed by different rules and regulations in terms of fixed pay scale by various departments. Central government employees salary might be less but there are many benefits described as follows:

get in government jobs are :

  • Monthly Basic Salary + Dearness Allowances + House rent
  • Gratuity-15 days salary for one year.
  • Bonus every year.
  • Retirement Benefits include provident fund, gratuity, salary arrears, insurance if any etc.

Pension benefits of Central government and State Government Employees

  • Employees gets half of his salary as pension after their retirement
  • Wife gets pension after the employee death
  • If a child is handicapped then after the death of employee, pension will also be given to the child.

As said that “Government Jobs Are Like Bullet Proof Jacket For A Family”. Govt jobs is  said to be one of the secure and safe one for employees and his family. Loans are offered for govt employees marriages, education etc.i Its stated that Medical expenses are also been offered. Most of the Indian citizen prefer more and more to enter into govt jobs in India which is the one and only stable jobs when compared to many other private jobs. 

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