How to get into government jobs

Getting into government jobs in India requires various exams, merits, interviews and many other depending upon the organization’s recruitment process. Getting your dream job in public sector units we should know about government jobs are said to be in hot choice of today’s job seekers and the main reality behind govt jobs.

Today most of them prefer government jobs to be their first choice of job seekers whether they are said to be a professional students from any hifi institutes or from any normal university. As per the recent survey, it’s found that there are large community of job seekers who are attracted to get into govt jobs

As per the recent study states that Indian students prefer public sector jobs and the major reason behind choosing a government jobs is job security, pay scales and stability. There are so many myths in society about Government Sector jobs

Myth and Reality


This is said to be a myth in the society about government jobs are said to be an easy and comfortable and less challenging too. Some believes too much in working in public sector unit which almost have nothing to do except taking bribes for offering any kind of service.


Getting a government job start is said to be a great challenge where you have to face up a  written exam and interview and more difficult job is cracking a private job interview as the huge crowd competition is for limited jobs availability.

Govt jobs are said to be much challenging when compared to private jobs as they cannot count the challenge on to basis of hectic work and tight targets. Today govt jobs offers you to serve up your nation by joining defence, civil services, public service projects and enterprises. You can also see the bank clerks or bus conductors are more busy than many other private employees sometimes.

Rapid growth with higher salary packages

Myth or one more myth is said to be existed on to the society regarding growth and salary matters about private jobs, as they offer up a rapid growth and higher salary packages and even fame comparison of govt jobs.

Indian workers can work on less salary package and they get a big downfall in salary packages. This is said to be kind of advantage as the government of India is not bounding up to offer employment on fixed parameters.

Main advantages of Government jobs are

  •         Stable and Secure career (If you have integrity and honesty for your job)
  •          Fixed Working Hours Each day
  •          Best salary Packages
  •       Another added advantage in government job is once you recruited after fighting exam your future is secure for life time.

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